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Datum News
26.10.2020 » New paper of Daniel Pfeiffer et al. accepted: A bacterial cytolinker couples positioning of magnetic organelles to cell shape control
23.10.2020 » New paper accepted: Cornelius N. Riese et al. show that precisely controlled oxystat fermentation yields magnetosomes with reproducible characteristics
20.10.2020 »Karen T. Silva et al: First genome-wide transposon mutagenesis reveals support of magnetosome biosynthesis by specific cellular pathways
12.10.2020 » Daniel Pfeiffer et al.: Super resolution fluorescence microscopy reveals the localization of aerotactic sensors in cells of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense
29.09.2020 Deutsch-Französische Zusammenarbeit im Projekt ANCESMAG für 3 Jahre gefördert!
12.08.2020 » Frank Müller et al.: A compass to boost navigation - Cell biology of bacterial magnetotaxis
22.07.2020 » Sabine Rosenfeldt and Frank Mickoleit et al.: Towards standardized purification of bacterial magnetic nanoparticles for future in vivo applications
13.07.2020 » Dirk Schüler et al.: Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense
28.05.2020 Interview für LaborPraxis
30.04.2020 MTB2020-Meeting has been adjourned to 2021!
25.02.2020 » Dziuba et al.: New magnetic equipment for a non-magnetic wetland Magnetospirillum
24.02.2020 Website for the upcoming MTB2020 conference is online!
24.02.2020 » Mickoleit et al.: Bacterial magnetic nanoparticles in tailored robes
23.01.2020 » Mickoleit et al.: Magnetosome-mediated receptor-ligand interactions trigger signalling cascades in eukaryotic cells
21.01.2020 » Pfeiffer & Schüler: Efficient locomotion of magnetotactic bacteria in the weak geomagnetic field requires the magnetoskeleton

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